My Current Skin Care Routine

My Current Skin Care Routine

Ever since I started using the medication that my dermatologist prescribed, my skin has been clear of acne. Yay! I stopped using all of my acne treating skin items and decided that now it’s time to start working on anti-ageing treatments. I want to stave off wrinkles as long as I can.

Step One:


This face wash is supposed to mattify your face, working on tightening your pores and reducing oil production. It is also a foaming wash, which is my favorite kind. (I prefer foam face wash and gel face lotion when I can get them.)

It doesn’t smell strongly of anything, just kind of smells like soap bubbles. I use it with a washcloth to lightly exfoliate my skin. My skin feels nice and tight when I get done. Ahhhhh. So nice and clean.


Step Two:


Did I buy this just because it has a pump top? Yes. Yes, indeed I did. It contains the benefits of tomatoes and witch hazel, and is 98% natural. It says acne clearing, but like my face wash, I use it for the clarifying benefits. My pores need it, they just collect too much dirt throughout the day.

I use three pumps on a flat cotton pad and swipe it all over my face, avoiding my lips and eyes. It doesn’t burn at all!


Step Three:


This clindamycin phosphate topical gel is the stuff my derm gave me; you need a prescription for it. I put it on once or twice a day. It’s a clear gel that dries down into your skin, so I like to put it on before anything else and let it sink in. It takes care of any acne-causing bacteria that is lurking around. It works like woah, and doesn’t smell strongly of anything.

I put the gel onto a flat cotton pad and apply it all over my face, avoiding my eyes. I do put it through my eyebrows, since I get acne there as well.


Step Four:


I just started using these. I don’t use the pads, those are my mom’s. I use the retinoid solution. It has a really weird texture, like it’s gritty without any granules actually in it. It’s strange. But it doesn’t smell bad.

I put it on using a flat cotton pad (seeing a pattern?), because if I pour it onto my hand it’s too much product. The cotton pad allows perfect distribution and application. I won’t know if it’s working for a while, but hopefully it will help my skin stay youthful!


Step Five:


Y’all know I love this oil! I use this as a moisturizer and it leaves my skin supple want to hydrate oily skin properly. If you don’t, your skin will produce even more oil and you don’t want that. It’s super annoying. Especially if you’re into wearing foundation.

For application I take the dropper and put four drops into my palm, rub it into my hands to warm it, then apply it to my face and neck. I love the way it smells lightly of rose.


Step Six:

botanics rosewater toning spray 001

I’ve reviewed this before as well, but I use it as a final step for my skin care routine, a setting spray for my makeup, and a refreshing face spritz throughout the day. Basically for everything.

I spray my face in the shape of a T: left, right, down, up. Sigh. It feels so nice.


That’s it! You should definitely try these products out, I love them all, and my skin has never looked better. If you are curious about the clindamycin gel, ask your doctor! It’s really working for me so far, I’ve been using it for about two months.

Hope you are all doing well. Thanks for reading!



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