Beauty Brands Xsparkage Master Class: Beauty 101

Beauty Brands Xsparkage Master Class: Beauty 101

I was browsing through my Facebook feed and saw that Beauty Brands was having another event featuring Leesha from xSparkage. Tickets were limited (there were only 20), but it was free, so I immediately registered for two tickets so my sister and I could go.

But what is a master class? What did Leesha teach us about? For pictures and some answers, read more to find out!

My sister and I were the first to arrive (I hate being late) and having recently eaten dinner from Salad and Go, I was ready to learn about makeup. Those attending the class lined up in front of the salon inside Beauty Brands and the energy was very casual but upbeat.

The conversations in the line were all about how excited people were to be there, and wondering what the class would be about. The description on the event page online had been kind of vague.

A perky and professional woman (I think she was a social media manager for BB, but I’m not absolutely sure) in an amazing neon orange dress was in charge of the event. She could be seen flitting between a computer and Leesha, taking pictures and answering questions. She was so sweet and helpful, I wish I had gotten her name, because she definitely deserves a mention!

Leesha, her mom, and her sister Chelsea (I hope I’m spelling her name right) were all in attendance, and Chelsea was the model for the class. It was totally a flashback to the days when xSparkage did awesome and hilarious tutorials featuring Leesha doing Chelsea’s makeup.

Leesha and Chelsea 001

The Master Class is an opportunity for those in the community to learn a specific set of skills from a master makeup artist. In this case, a group of about 20 people got to learn the trick to a perfect red lip.

First, she used a clear lip-liner around the outside of Chelsea’s lips. Then for the demonstration Leesha used Bawse by Smashbox, a gorgeous, clean, blue-based red. As she said, the perfect way to create a classic look.

And she had an excellent illustration about the importance of a bright lip – wearing a bright lip is like a nice dress. You put the dress on and look instantly put together, people notice, and you are bound to get a surprising number of complements. It’s the same with a red or bright lip – you will get complemented, just try it and see! If you don’t think you can wear it, “trust me,” she said with a smile, “you can pull it off”.

I thought that was a great way of looking at it!

Leesha and Chelsea 002

Her sister is so sweet and very stylish in all-black with an amazing statement necklace.

After she demonstrated how to put the liquid lipstick on, she showed us how to use a concealer (she used a primer pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills) to clean up the lip lines. Then ooooooh it got amazing when she busted out a shimmery gold eyeshadow and popped it on the cupids bow and middle of the lips. There was glam for dayyyyys.

After she finished the demo, the woman in the neon dress got a bunch of Smashbox liquid lipsticks and we were told to pick one to try out a bold lip on ourselves. Leesha took the time to come over to each of us to help guide us if we needed it (which I most definitely do, lipstick is my weak spot. I can get it right on others just not myself). For my lip I picked Chill Zone, which is the color of wet cement and I loooove it.

Smashbox Chill Zone


She took the time to teach me the cross method of lipstick application, and to show me how to find my precise lip line. I felt so pretty afterwords! Plus I got to see her mermaid eye makeup up close and was almost blinded by her highlight. That woman has amazing skills.

lipstick face hot pink

I did get to put a neon coral color on my sister and she looked gorgeous! She eneded up buying a purple lipstick but this color is still my favorite on her. 🙂

All in all, an amazing experience, and I’m so happy I got to learn about makeup from such a skilled makeup artist.

Thank you Beauty Brands and xSparkage for this awesome event!

Love you guys,



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