Boots Botanics Facial Oil 100% Organic

Boots Botanics Facial Oil 100% Organic

I have been seeing the benefits of the medication and body wash that my dermatologist suggested. It is taking care of my acne in a huge way.Now I have a different issue: I want my skin to stay as hydrated as possible, preventing those pesky wrinkles from setting up camp on my face and neck.

After using face lotion from several different brands, I found that many of the ones for acne-prone skin contain drying agents that my skin just doesn’t like. A little alcohol in the ingredients list is not so bad, but anything else and my face gets dry and patchy.

Ready for a new skin care routine, I sent in an order to Ulta. Look at this beauty!


You might be thinking: “Oil for acne prone, oily/combination skin? I don’t need more oil on my skin!” Thankfully the right kind of oil can be extremely beneficial for your skin, just like a lotion or face wash.


Firstly, this smells amazing – a light rose scent that dissipates after application. It’s not so strong that it irritates my skin.

I was unsure about how much oil to apply to my face and neck, and after some trial and error, four drops from the dropper seems to be the magic number. That gives me enough for the oil to sink right into my skin and leave it moisturized and supple.


After using this for about a month, I’ve noticed a few benefits that are totally amazing:.

  1. My foundation applies flawlessly now. No sticking to dry patches (because the dry patches are no longer there, yay!).
  2. My pores appear smaller.
  3. I can go without foundation with confidence. My skin looks that good. I’ve been told several times that I am glowing, and it’s all thanks to this facial oil.

I would 100% recommend this 100% organic face oil.

Have you tried facial oils before? How did they work for you? Let me know in the comments!


Much love,



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