Favorite Bloggers: Part One

Favorite Bloggers: Part One

Every blogger has a source of inspiration, that’s just how writing works. For every writer it is something different – maybe it is a song, a photograph, or a book. The truth is steady and incontrovertible; inspiration is everywhere.

If you want to become a writer, the first and most important thing you must do is read. Read books, short stories, articles, everything. Blogging is the same. You need to know your market, you need to know how other people blog and how you can set your voice apart. You also need to learn how to blog, how to write, how to create interesting images for your posts.

For all these things, you must look to other bloggers.

These are the bloggers that have helped me learn to be a better blogger this month and how they have done it.

thumbelina lillie

Thumbelina Lillie is a blog run by a really sweet young woman named Megan, and I have gotten so much inspiration from not only her beauty and lifestyle posts, but mostly from her posts about blogging (find my favorite here).

Her blog layout is so clean and lovely to look at, and she is genuine in the way she writes. She is also open about the fact that she isn’t in this for the gratis, but she is in it for the long haul, and her 6.6k Bloglovin followers know that they can trust her voice.

Her message is super positive and she is a huge proponent for bloggers supporting one another (and people supporting each other in general) which is something that I think we would all benefit from.

ashlee liz

Ashlee Liz is a cute blog with tons of useful advice that she shares regularly. I love how often she updates! There is always something new to read on her blog, and I would love to get to that frequency soon.

Her layout is to die for! I hope to get my blog to look half as compelling as hers. You can tell there is a ton of work that goes into her blog and it really shows. She is clearly a person who loves to help other people and though her beauty posts are gorgeous, I also love her posts on blogging, especially this one. She has so much good advice and her graphics are always on point.

makeup breakdown

Makeup Breakdown (this is my favorite post there!) is such a cute site and you can tell a lot of work has gone into her latest posts. She even takes the time to use the cutest little fancy plates as the backgrounds for her product photos! You can tell that she is really working to improve her work with every post, and that is so inspirational to me.

As bloggers we are all in the same boat and I love the feeling of unity!

love emily jayne

Love, Emily Jayne is a completely inspirational experience when you read it. Emily Jayne has a unique perspective that I can really relate to. She suffers from mental illness, but that doesn’t mean she can’t love beauty and fashion. She speaks openly about how she deals with life, but she also eloquently expresses what she learns (see her post “21 Life Lessons at 21” here).

Her blog layout is simple and clean, and I love the focus on photographs right when you enter. She’s been traveling a bit, so check out her Disney post here!


Who are your favorite bloggers? How do they inspire you? Let me know in the notes!




5 thoughts on “Favorite Bloggers: Part One

  1. Ahh, thank you 🙂 This is very kind of you and such a great idea! I have been trying to take better pictures and appreciate the feedback – such a dear. I enjoy your content as well and thanks again ❤


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