Off-Brand Blush Palette

Off-Brand Blush Palette


This is an awesome off-brand cheek palette that I bought on Amazon. These are great for a variety of looks, and really I think it contains all the colors you might need for all skin tones, from very fair to very deep.

A couple of the blushes contain a little sparkle in the pan, but this never shows up in application. These blushes are pure MATTE, and I love it.

All of them are SO pigmented! It takes so little of these poweder blushes to get the job done. I have used these a TON and you can hardly tell. Very much worth the money!

I love the brighter colors because the shades all pop on my skin!

Here is one shade with no contour:



Here is another shade, using two of the darker nude blushes as a contour shade to chisel out my cheek:

Have you tried any of the off-brand palettes? I have another eyeshadow palette that is off-brand and I love it! How do you feel about buying something that’s not name-brand? Let me know in the comments!



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