Lime Crime Velvetine in Teddy Bear

Lime Crime Velvetine in Teddy Bear

Lime Crime does have some great liquid lipsticks in their makeup line. In fact, Red Velvet was among the first liquid lipsticks to come out on the market, before the major boom.

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and tried one of their Velvetines, mainly because I love Melanie Martinez and this shade was a collaboration with her based on her song ‘Teddy Bear’.

Let’s take a look!

Lime Crime Teddy bear 001
I had to put a sticker on here haha


Teddy Bear is described as brown with lavender undertones

The packaging is A+ as you can see, and is right up my alley (as is all of Lime Crime‘s aesthetic) I love the formula on this! It is pretty thin on application and feels great on the lips. I made sure to exfoliate my lips before I tried it on, and I feel like that is one key to getting liquid lipsticks to work well. I like it a lot better than my Kat Von D liquid lipstick that I have, which is creamier and thicker, and dries my lips out.

It has a doe foot applicator with a short wand which makes application super easy. I don’t have to use a lip brush to apply it like I do Kat Von D (queen of long lipstick wands), and I think the formula being thinner also helps application.

As far as wear, I had no issues with crumbling or cracking, it sat really well all day. If I ate something, I did have fading problems on the inner part of my lips, so that was a bummer but not completely unexpected. I didn’t mind reapplying after a meal to even everything out again, and even with another layer of product it still wore wonderfully.

I wore this when I met xSparkage, so what better excuse to break that picture out again:


This Velvetine  is a really great option to the both novice and experienced liquid lip wearer. I would definitely suggest this color to anyone looking for a softer way to get in on the ‘brown lips’ trend. The formula is exemplary, really exceptional, and better than I expected.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have you tried Velvetines? How do you think they compare to other liquid lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!



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