Covergirl Star Wars Lipsticks (Limited Edition)

Covergirl Star Wars Lipsticks (Limited Edition)

I am a nerd about a lot of things – makeup, movies, writing – and I think a lot of people are the same way. I like to think that all people have something we enjoy more than usual, and you should be proud of that!

That being said, I really love Star Wars so these lipsticks are right up my alley. As soon as I knew they were out, the search was on. Not all merchandisers carry this line, and it is a bit tricky to find it. But is it worth the search? Let’s take a look at these colors and how I like to wear them.

These lipsticks are identified by numbers; I got 40 (glittery gold), 70 (shimmery nude), and 30 (shimmery berry).


Top to bottom: 40, 70, 30


40 is patchy and sheer, the worst performing of the shades I got. To make it work, I put a gold gloss over it – NYX RLG 33 in ’24 karat’. There is a lot of slip to this, but it is very gritty.


70 is a really nice coppery-tan shade. There is a lot of slip in the formula and it feels really gritty, but less gritty than 40. I find that 70 looks best with a lighter nude gloss on, try Maybelline COLORsensational Color Elixir in 120 Gleaming Gold.


30 is a goregeous berry shade that is great for a night out. It does have slip to it but is the least gritty out of the three. I like it to lean a little more red, so I use a pink-red lipliner from WetnWild in 664C and gloss from NYX in RLG 04 Golden Red.


If you don’t like gritty lip products, I would not recommend these lipsticks. However, if you like sparkly and pigmented lipsticks, these are for you! Even if you only like them for the Star Wars packaging, I think they’re worth it. They are under $8. I think it’s worth it!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Has anyone else tried these lipsticks? Are they pretty gritty on you as well? Do you like the colors in this collection?



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