Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume IV

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume IV

I decided to continue the series of reviews with the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV, since it’s the main BOS that I use. I really enjoy the shadows in this palette! I’m still working on lighting, but thanks for hanging in there everyone!

urbandecay bos 4 001

This is the palette in indirect sunlight, it really has a lot of beautiful shadows.

Row One:

urbandecay bos 4 002 row 1 swatches

Blue Bus:

Blue bus is beautiful in the pan, a bright bluebell color. It is patchy on application and very sheer. It takes several tries to get it to appear at all, in a swatch or on the lid. One of the less stellar shades in the palette.


Awesome gunmetal grey with a little bit of fine glitter, I love using this shade for smokey eyes.


A deep forest green, almost black shade with microglitter (the microglitter doesn’t really appear at all on the lid). It’s great as a powder liner.


I would say this is the smoothest and most pigmented eyeshadow in the palette. A lovely buttery-gold shade.


urbandecay bos 4 002 row 2 swatches


A nice dark green, lighter and more shimmery shade when compared to Cobra. A little powdery, but still really nice on application.


Really pretty dark purple that looks good in the crease with Blue Bus on the lid, with nice pigmentation.


The second most pigmented shade in the palette and it actually looks lovely in the corner of the eye with Baked, or as a powder liner.


Dark ocean blue-teal that is really great as a liner under the eye! Pigmented and smooth.


urbandecay bos 4 002 row 3 swatches

Midnight Cowgirl:

Lighter than Midnight Rodeo, this contains microglitter and is a lovely shade across the lid or in the inner corner. It’s a little too reflective for me to use it as a browbone highlight, but if you want that, this is perfect.


Champagne highlight shade, classic and contained in many UD pallets, I use this shadow a lot.

Midnight Rodeo:

Creamy tan with glitter. Awesome on the lid, I avoid using this in the inner corner of my eye because I don’t want to get glitter in my eye.


The worst performing shade of the palette. It looks awesome in the pan, but barely shows on the skin – I really packed it on to get this swatch to show. Such a bummer!


urbandecay bos 4 002 row 4 swatches


Finally, a taupe! Totally in love with this as a crease shade, and blending it out looks so nice and clean.


Missionary is more frosted and has a whiter base than Sin, which is a little pinker. Missionary also doesn’t show up in the inner corner as well, but makes a great brow highlight.


Almost matte, slightly shimmery, this shade is lighter than both Sin and Missionary.


Off-white, frosty but smooth, a great highlight shade.









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