Beauty Brands & xSparkage Event

Beauty Brands & xSparkage Event


You know those moments in life where you get to do something special, something you never thought you would get the chance to do, and you know that you will always remember it? This is a story of one of those moments for me.

Everyone who knows me can tell you how much I love color – bright eyeshadow, bold lips, striking cheeks – and that comes from many years of reading about my favorite makeup artists, but also from watching beauty gurus on YouTube. They gave me permission to be daring, to use the colors I wanted to use beyond pinks and reds, to be myself, and to wear makeup as an expression of art and confidence rather than a way to hide.

Several years ago, when there were only a few people doing makeup tutorials on YouTube, I came across the first makeup tutorial that really connected with me. If I remember correctly, it was Disney or Princess themed, and it used crazy bright colors on the lid to match the theme. The Guru was xSparkage, and she had awesomely bright hair and loved color as much as I did.

Fastforward to yesterday, when I had the privilege of attending a meet and greet/beauty event at a store called Beauty Brands.

Beauty Brands

Beauty Brands is a store and salon that carries only prestige beauty and spa products. It’s really open and sunny inside thanks to low aisles and large front windows. The staff was friendly, and the brand ambassadors that they had there were really exceptional, especially Laura Gellar and Peter Thomas Roth.

I liked the selection of products in the store, and the variety. Plus, I got two coupons that gave me $10 off a purchase of any price, so I got two nail polishes at a really great deal. They also had a little food and drink table with muffins, scones, and little min-cupcakes. It was adorable.


The Meet and Greet

At the entrance of the store, there was a small crowd of people milling around, some in normal clothes and some in the distinct and predominantly black clothing of a beauty store worker. Each guest was handed a sign-in sheet, then passed a current ad and two ‘$10 off’ coupons.

There were stations at the front bar for contouring, hair, and skin makeovers. The employees were so nice, and it was clear they love their jobs. It was nice to be around so many people who love makeup as much as I do!

Kris makeup peter thomas roth

Once you rounded the beauty stations, the line to meet Leesha (AKA xSparkage) started, and everyone was waiting to take pictures with her in front of a fancy background.

Finally I met her. She was so sweet and I just couldn’t believe how immaculate her makeup was, even up close. And that highlight, oh girl YASSS. I was still really nervous and was sure I was coming across as a clutzy awkward dork, but then she complemented me on my eyebrows and asked if they had been microbladed. Oh my gosh. Leesha thinks my brow game is strong. Life made. Goals achieved.

0001Tia and Leesha

0002 Tia and Leesha

After I met her, I went and got my hair done at the hair station, and the employee was awesome at customer service. She really loved her job. All in all, Leesha was so sweet, and it was amazing to meet the person who made me realize that I wanted to do makeup as a profession. I’m so happy I got to tell her what her videos mean to me. This was a moment that I will forever remember, not because I met someone famous, but because I met someone who is important to my life journey. So thank you, Leesha, for being so accessible, and thank you Beauty Brands for hosting a lovely event.


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